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Impress your clients by easily creating an album site that they'll love.



With a degree in UX/UI Design from Columbia University, my career direction is strongly centered around design. I place great emphasis on incorporating storytelling principles into product development and shaping user experiences through creative and purposeful decision-making. Through the process of ideation, design, and development, I have honed my skills in creating exceptional apps and websites that elevate content from both a production and creative standpoint. My goal is to approach every project with a modern and stylistic mindset, ensuring informed decisions that result in captivating user experiences.


Farm fresh seasonal products mobile App
FarmFresh Main.png
FF 5 screens white.png
Main Features
Connects buyer to fresh product from a farm
Learn about the benefits of Seasonality
Get notifications when a product is in season
UITA main_edited.png
Up In The Air
In transit Networking mobile App
UITA Features_edited.png
Main Features
Social Networking
Geo Location
Airport Treasure Hunt
InkOn Features_edited.png
InkOn main_edited.png
Tattoo mobile App
Main Features
AR* Tattoo tester
InkSpo Board
Schedule Session
CI main_edited.png
CI Features_edited.png
Coney Island USA 
Non-Profit website redesign
Main Features
AR* Mode
On Site Interactive Map Art + Donation
Restructured content distribution
Le Petit Jardin
Greenhouse Website redesign
Main Changes
Structure - Summarizes categories
Redesigned logo and graphics
Included moving image to promote an organic feel

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